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norway bergen / yong gu, shin performanceart
19.05.12 16:00
Yong-gu Shin
Go Against the Wind
16:00: outdoor performance at Vagsallmenningen in front of 3,14s building
16:30: a multimedia performance inside the gallery space

Yong-Gu Shin is an image performance artist who integrates media and installation art with performance since 1991. Yong-Gu Shin is currently a guest artist at AIR Bergen, at USF Verftet. Until now he has worked on various exhibitions and performances like Circulation, Dream, Embrace the wind, Skein in a maze and Variation of string over 20 foreign countries like England, France, Germany. In Korea, he actively performs in the arts events and festivals such as opening performance for Seoul International Dance Festival, opening performance for Insa-dong International Performance arts Festival and opening performance for Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Yong-Gu Shin focuses on the meaning of existence in space and time thereby maximizing relations between virtual images and reality through directing and reproducing imaginary scenes. He encodes an abstract image, wind using various mediums like performance, installation and media. The wind symbolizes hope and hardships of life. The objects he uses to symbolize wind are also signs that speak a meaning of this world and an image of a mediator which symbolizes hope in the real world.

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