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g a l l er i s . e / bergen in performanceart
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6. Performance og utstillingsapning Soul of Seoul, torsdag 10. mai kl. 19:00
Den SİŞr-Koreanske performancekunstneren Shin Yong-Gu holder en performance i galleriet, torsdag 10. mai. Yong-Gu er for tiden gjestekunstner ved AiR Bergen pa USF Verftet.
Shin Yong-Gu is a former student at the Academy of Visual Arts in Seoul and since his graduation he has developed performance works around a theme related to the the natural world.
He also make videos which combine music with footage from his dance-like performances. He regularly performs in arts and culture festivals in Europe and Asia

Torsdag 10. mai, kl. 19:00 - 20:00 --
g a l l er i s . e
Kalfarveien 74b, N-5022 Bergen, Norway
+47 55 31 57 55 (Office) +47 958 53 680 (Mobile) admin@galleri-se.no www.galleri-se.no
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